Traffic information to Kusado Inari Shrine

If you are coming from afar using public transportation, you can come from JR Fukuyama Station. There is a parking space for 100 cars, so you can visit by car. Not only those who are worried about academic achievement and marriage, but also those who wish for prayers such as family safety and prosperity of company luck, please feel free to contact us at the time of order.

It is evaluated by all as a place where the heart of Fukuyama is enriched.



Kusado Inari Shrine


1467 Kusado-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture

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We are looking forward to your consultation as a place to hold various events while keeping close contact with the Fukuyama area. We hold a New Year's pilgrimage every year, and through various other events, we are devising so that many people can pray. It is loved by many people because it is a place with abundant nature and a relaxing atmosphere, and there are many who go with their parents and children.

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It has been popular in Fukuyama since ancient times.

We hold many events from time to time, such as Hatsumode and prayer for goma.

As a venerable shrine, it has a long history of walking with the local people, and many people still come to worship. It is also famous for many people visiting to worship during the first visit. From the main shrine, you can get a panoramic view of the city, and many visitors visit it as a tourist spot or power spot. As a result, there are many cases where group tourists visit the sightseeing bus. Recently, the shrine has been recognized as a power spot, and many people have once again recognized its charm, and many people are asking for a red stamp. In September, the red stamp of Kusado Hachiman Shrine was distributed, so there are many people who come for two types of red stamp.
While known as a tourist spot, we pray for daily prayers and festivals, and we want to be very familiar to the local people. The priest prays for the blessing of God every day for everyone in the area. Those who want to receive the patronage of the deity are welcomed at any time other than during the annual events such as Hatsumode and Shichigosan. In addition, we accept many requests from local people even for car scorching, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get rid of your car.

It was built in Fukuyama nearly 400 years ago and is known as a historical shrine. For many years, we have been offering memorial services and prayers for many people, while staying in close contact with this natural resting place. It has a history of being close to each individual in a land surrounded by nature, and a history of accumulating a lot of trust and achievements. We will continue to strive to fulfill our role in solving the concerns of everyone in the community and beyond.
We are accepting various consultations such as pre-photo shoots for ceremonies and prayers for gomu. In recent years, not only locals, but also many people from outside the prefecture and from outside the prefecture have come to visit us. We are also waiting for everyone who wants to take beautiful pictures for the ceremonial ceremony and bear a little effort for the next university entrance exam. We also accept various prayers such as warding off evils, prayers for safe delivery, and family safety. We have also been praying for the Gomu prayer, which has been a typical ritual that has been passed down since ancient times, and many people come to visit us.