A priest who works at a shrine in Fukuyama helps everyone's life

As a Shinto priest in Fukuyama, I have worked diligently in my daily duties while facing many people. We listen to each person's opinions carefully, and sincerely strive to make it easy for everyone to visit us, the trust received from many people is extremely high.
Based on the experience accumulated over a long history, it will be a force for everyone visiting every day. We will continue to do our best to help you lead a richer life, so please feel free to visit us when making an order.
Characteristics of Kusado Inari Shrine

Please visit the shrine where you can overlook Fukuyama

We continue our activities every day in order to make everyone familiar with the Shinto tradition unique to Japan. Since it was built in the 2nd year of Daido, we have been involved with many people in a very long history and have reached the present. Birth, schoolwork, work, and so on, various events occur in everyone's life. Shinto provides deep teaching through a culture that has been cultivated over a long period of time, and we hope that you will lead a meaningful life through that teaching.
Since the main shrine is located at a high place, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding cityscape and enjoy a beautiful view. The building also has a very bright vermillion color, and you can visit it with a special feeling in front of the spectacular scenery, so it has been well received by many people. There are many parking lots available, so if you are interested, please come and visit us.

If you are looking for a shrine in the natural rich land of Fukuyama, please come

Throughout our long history, we have carefully held numerous events one by one throughout the year. In particular, many people visit the Setsubun festival in February every year. The Setsubun festival is a Shinto ritual that sprinkles fuzu beans to dispel evil spirits and pray for good luck and good luck. Some of the soybeans that have been scattered with a big shout are lucky items, and everyone who participates is pleased every year.
In addition, in May, we also hold the Uno Daisai Festival, which has been held since the Edo period, hoping for good harvest. In addition, we hold various events for everyone to enjoy. Above all, the Konkon procession is very popular because it allows you to see the cute children walking in the shape of a fox while pulling a little danji. In addition, since the Ashida River flows around, you can enjoy the nature surrounded by the gentle foot of the mountain, so please come by all means when ordering.

The priest of a shrine familiar to Fukuyama writes a blog

Shinto blogs about various events, prayers, amulets, etc. We strive to provide information that will be helpful to those who are in trouble, such as consultations on academic achievements and prayers for safe delivery, and the goal of the blog is to post information that will be useful to everyone. In addition, accurate information is required for important events such as Hatsumode. I try to write as soon as new information comes in so that I can inform you of the schedule of the event quickly.
We are planning various events according to the season, so please take a look if you are interested. Going forward, we will continue to disseminate information that will trigger this with the goal of being close to the concerns of all people. When you come, we will respond to each person carefully, so please use it when ordering.