Information for the Setsubun festival


We will inform you about the Setsubun festival .

[Date and time]

February 3rd (Sunday) 11:00~

Kusado Inari Shrine


Sprinkle fukuzu beans in response to the call of "Oni is outside, Fuku is inside",

It is a Shinto ritual that enshrines evil spirits, prays for evil, and invites good luck.

Some lucky beans are hit by lucky items. (There is a lucky sign on the back of the bag of lucky beans)

You can exchange it by bringing it to the Kusado Inari Shrine Old Museum.

*This year, the sixth grade of Hikari Elementary School will hold a Setsubun stamp rally.

Stamped at three places: Kusado Inari Shrine, Meioin Main Hall, and five-storied pagoda,

Hand-made souvenirs will be handed down under the Meioin stairs. (The mount is under the Meioin stairs.)
The stamp rally will start from 10:00 .