About Reiwa 2nd Year Festival


We would like to inform you about the Setsubun festival that will be held on February 3 (Monday) .


[Date] February 3 (Mon) 11:00 am
[Place] Kusado Inari Shrine

[Details] Sprinkle fuzu beans according to the shout of "Oni is outside, Fuku is inside",

It is a Shinto ritual that enshrines evil spirits, prays for evil, and invites good luck.

Some of the luck beans are luck beans that win luck. (There is a lucky sign on the back of the bag of lucky beans)

You can exchange it by bringing it to the Kusado Inari Shrine Old Museum.

※Third grade students from Hikari Elementary School start from 10:00 this year

We will hold an exciting event called "Moria Game" before Setsubun.

There are plenty of quizzes, omikuji and stamp rally.

Please come to the shrine before the Setsubun festival.