About Reiwa 4th New Year


As with last year, we will implement the following as measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we make sure that everyone can visit us with peace of mind.

About the New Year period

・ Please disperse and worship.

December 1st to 29th, 3rd year of Reiwa will be the period of "Saisaki-mode (Thank God for one year and wish for happiness in the new year)".

Please consider visiting Saisaki-mode and worshiping after February.

・ New Year's amulets, bills, arrow rakes, lucky charms, etc. will be awarded from December 1st.

・ We will prepare for arrow rakes and lucky charms until the end of February.

* Please note that the arrow rake and lucky charms will end as soon as they run out.

About correspondence to worshipers

・ Please refrain from visiting if you have anxiety about your physical condition such as fever, cough, or fatigue.

・ When visiting, please be sure to wear a mask and maintain a social distance.

・ We will set up posters to call attention.

・ Alcohol disinfection is required when giving and receiving amulets and first ear charges.

We will respond with a special fold instead of handing it directly.

・ We will limit the number of people who can ascend to the shrine depending on the situation.

About the precincts

・ We will install antiseptic solutions at various places such as amulet giving offices and prayer reception offices.

・ Regularly disinfect and disinfect places that many people touch.

・ At the Chozuya, the cassotte will be removed and its use will be prohibited.

・ We will maintain a line of amulets, omikuji, etc. to prevent them from becoming dense.

・ On the 3rd day, the route will be one-way. We will visit the shrine from the bridge and guide you back to the street vendors.

・ We will limit the number of people so that the distribution offices for amulets, arrow rakes, and omikuji will not be crowded.

・ We will limit the number of stalls opened from the usual year.

About measures for shrine staff

・ We will thoroughly wear a mask, measure the temperature, wash your hands, and disinfect.

・ We will thoroughly ventilate the amulet awarding office.

That is all.